Products and Wholesale Accounts

As well as working to convert your ideas into physical products, we also sell some products that we design and produce here at RCR.  Some of them are highlighted here, and you can see and buy them at our ETSY site.

Wholesale accounts are always welcome. Contact our office for more information.

Toothbrush Holders

Toothbrush Sconce

Get your toothbrushes out of that cup on the counter, and hang them in our beautiful, stainless steel fixture. The top space can easily fit a tube of toothpaste or used for a fifth toothbrush. Clear space on your counter and keep your toothbrushes clean.

Vertical Gardens

We're excited to present RCR Fabrication and Design’s latest offering. We’ve created weathering Core Ten-style steel planters to create a bold, beautiful piece of functional art. Each wall-mounted planter boasts its own variations in pattern and patina, making each piece unique.  We make them in small, medium and large sizes, and we can customize them with added addresses, logos and names waterjet cut into them for an added feature.

Bicycle Racks

Stainless Steel Bike Racks, located at the Santa Cruz Harbor

Virtually every business can serve its customers better by providing bike parking, and encourage green transportation alternatives!

Whether it's for a retail shop or a restaurant (bicyclists have big appetites!) or even your home, our bike racks are easy to install and will last for years. Encouraging your employees to ride bicycles to work can pay off in better health and lower absentee rates. Employees who ride to work arrive wide-awake and limber. They feel better, and that will show in how they do their work.

Mermaid Wine Rack

mermaid wine rack

Like to keep your wine bottles organized and accessible? Our anodized aluminum mermaid shaped wine rack is what you need! Made from 3/16 aluminum it is lightweight but solid enough to hold three bottles of wine. The anodized finish not only looks great but it protects the metal as well. Any standard size wine bottle can now be displayed on your counter or sideboard. Having dinner guests? Set it on the table and you have a handy place for red white and port. 

Monkey Banana Hook

monkey banana hook

Clear some counter space and add some color to your kitchen with our banana hook! Inspired by "Barrel of Monkeys," hang your bananas from his outstretched arm, and ripen your bananas as nature intended, hanging! Our loveable monkey, affectionately named 'Chongo', can be used as a coat or robe hook too. Great for any kid's room, play rooms, nurseries and preschools. If you would like to place a bulk order, over 10 pieces, please message us to discuss bulk pricing or combined shipping; more than 4 message us and we will make a custom listing.